About 20% of children with autism will regress between often the first and second birthday.


An epidemic of autism is plaguing America. Our children among the most chronically ill and disabled.  Autism is a devastating neurological biological disorder.  It is typically diagnosed in children between 18 months and 5 years of age.  Some children aren’t severely affected. They can’t speak, they require constant one-on-one care, and are never able to live on their own. Repetitive behavior, violent tantrums, and lack of eye contact are a few of the many symptoms.


Experts now believe a multitude of factors cause autism.  Mercury-based preservative live viruses and other agents and vaccines are known culprits, but a host of other toxins are blamed as well. There’s a common pattern happening with children with neurodevelopmental disorders, including those children who have autism, and that is that their brains are being poisoned. Their immune systems and their nervous systems are incapacitated by the degree and the intensity of the information that is in the food, the water, the air, the skin care products, the amount and intensity of stimulation through their nervous systems, and the toxins that we’re delivering past their skin through injections with vaccinations.All of this information, all of this stimulation, is overwhelming their immune and nervous systems and they are being poisoned to the point where their bodies are losing the capacity to handle what they’re exposed to and to be able to detoxify sufficiently enough so they can have normal brain normal immune and normal nervous system function.  It´s all of the toxins, chemicals allergens in our environment that’s making not only their brains, but their guts and their immune system sick.


An estimated 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides are used on our commercially grown and produced foods each year in the United States. Consuming a diet of chemically treated foods laced with neuro toxic herbicides and fertilizers has shown to affect the development of the brain, the nervous system, and the immune system in this generation.  In this very, very toxic environment it takes less and less genetic vulnerability for a child to become ill, and I think it only stands to reason that the children are going to be the first to suffer the consequences of a poisoned environment because their brains are still developing and their nervous system is much more vulnerable than ours would be as adults.


Growing evidence points to prenatal triggers of autism including underlying chronic infections viruses and heavy metals passed from mother to unborn child


The mothers have a toxic burden that they’re passing on to their children during the nine months in the womb today one out of every six women of childbearing age is thought to have mercury levels already in their body that could cause neurological damage to their unborn children.


To give you some perspective on this when I was a resident it was one in 10,000 children and the latest figures are one in 150 children in this country have an autistic spectrum disorder in some of the states like New Jersey it’s now exceeding one in a hundred when it’s all settled and everybody gets counted the rate is going to be between one and ten and one and thirty certainly no lower than one in 50.


One in five children are now in some form of special education this is the bigger problem these are children whose levels of poisoning may be more subtle and may be a little bit more diminished and these are the children that are increasing in number and a greater greater problem for our society both in the educational system and the financial system these families are running all over the place to get them to learn and speak and maintain eye contact and interact in a way that appears that they’re socially  and academically appropriate this is a huge problem there is something that is changed in those last two decades that has caused the tremendous rise it’s it’s not just us as physicians being better diagnosticians autism is a clinical disease we don’t were not necessarily better at making those types of diagnoses than we were 20 years ago so something else has changed and we need to look at what’s changed


Boys are much more dramatically affected than girls many more for boys too every girl gets autism eight boys every girl becomes Asperger’s or some other neurological symptom anybody goes into our school system today you you just you look everywhere our children learn differently I think teachers are getting a bad rap that they’re not educating our children but our children learn totally differently than the way they used to 10 or 20 years ago so we really have to address this issue head-on boys are more susceptible to a lot of these environmental toxicants like mercury and we’re already seeing that boys girls are outpacing boys in college they’re starting classes now they’re separating girls and boys because they learn differently and nobody’s really paying attention to a lot of this and it’s hugely important our children just aren’t healthy anymore and we’ve got to ask why


There are as you’ve had others tell you many potentially harmful ingredients in vaccines however there’s one ingredient that stands out so far above all the others that it’s the one that we totally look at and that is ethylmercury it’s been in vaccines for over 60 years the vaccine manufacturers understand that the vaccines may become contaminated during the manufacturing process they use them aerosol to not decontaminate new growth but to decontaminate growth that has already occurred from the manufacturing process so the thimerosal ethylmercury is a toxin to cell replication.


Harvard University’s published showing that there’s significantly more mercury in the brains of autistic than normal kids and also that the mercury in the brain of autistic correlates with the areas that see the most damage induced by mercury so what we’re having here is a load of data produced by the opposition that says mercury is retained by children it is mostly retained and more adamantly retained by boys and boys are the ones that have most of the neural developmental problems in this country and in other countries also this footage


Mercury is one of the most toxic substance known to man by 2009 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended a total of 69 doses of 16 vaccines to be given to children in the United States the EPA guidelines indicate a child would have to weigh 550 pounds to safely process the mercury in one typical shot that’s 187 times the EPA daily exposure limit we’ve expanded the national immunization program many fold in the last couple of decades and in the process we’re basically running a massive experiment on the healthy development of children


In the last 25 years as we’ve more than double the numbers of vaccines that we give our young children we’ve seen a doubling of learning disabilities doubling of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a doubling of asthma a tripling of diabetes and a six hundred percent or more increase in autism in every state the autism rate went up in all 50 states at the same time it had to go up in Alaska Hawaii California Florida Maine Nebraska and every other state and there is only one toxic exposure that fits that bill and that’s the CDC mandated vaccine program this includes hepatitis B which is given to newborns within the first 24 hours of life.


They do clinical trials on children for a  new vaccine but only three weeks of follow-up so you never follow these children pre or post market to find out if there is a chronic long-term effect that may be adverse so any new drug any vaccine has to be presumed unsafe until it’s proven safe and what we now have come to realize is that the vaccine schedule as a whole has never been proven safe so what it turns out the Prevnar or the aluminum or MMR or the mercury is causing damage the industry and the government never would have known that because they did not look that makes the vaccine schedule an unethical social experiment in mass immunization illegal under the Nuremberg and Helsinki codes and this is this may have profound implications for society so what the public is then told is that the vaccines are safe but the short term and the long term studies have never been done to properly evaluate the safety of not only the individual ingredients and not only the interaction of the ingredients but the interaction of multiple vaccines when given together in a child of any age when I was at the


The Simpson wood conference in Norcross Georgia which included leaders from the w-h-o the FDA the CDC the American Academy of Pediatrics and leading scientists they looked data from the vaccine safety datalink that directly showed a link between the development of neurodevelopmental disorders and the administration of mercury containing vaccines somebody provided me with the Simpson wood memo Simpson wood was the transcripts of a secret meeting that was held between CDC representatives of the vaccine industry in which they reviewed a report that CDC had ordered the first Wratten study of the hundred thousand children of United States vaccine safety database there was clear evidence between the injection of children with mercury containing vaccines and the development of neurodevelopmental disorders and children which they are talking about the undeniable ‘ti of the connection between autism and thimerosal the impossibility of massaging the data further in order to try to eliminate those signals that’s what they spend the first two hours the rest of the meeting they spend talking about how do we hide this from the press from the public and what they call the predatory bar the participants were told that the information was embargoed that they were not allowed to discuss this with the public and there was no question if you look at the comments that they knew this information would have a significant impact on the vaccine program both domestically and worldwide


These data were covered up the data from the this conference was specifically kept from the public because the scientists and the leaders who were at that conference knew that if this information got out to the public it would stop the vaccine program in its track and then over a period of years they they process the data they process the data they excluded some populations there are a lot of things that you can do with a large sample epidemiology study and over time with each successive iteration and they made that signal smaller and smaller so that by the time they published the findings they said well geez there’s a little bit of a signal here but but it’s probably just random


… Simpson wood showed that the the doctors involved the scientists involved in this community were more worried about preserving the the policies of immunization of protecting the industry than they were about whether or not children were being harmed


…it looks to us like they were tampering with the evidence and that they had it they knew it and and and they ended up publishing a conclusion that that hid the real data and that’s a real shame this was a moment where the government could have come clean that the government could have immediately recalled all vaccine with thimerosal in it they could have taken proactive steps and by covering this up not only were they hiding the truth but they were allowing affected children to go untreated and for more children to be affected


Ultimately the American press has completely let down our democracy we have as a nation gotten used to quick sound bites we have 24-hour news on you know two dozen stations so they go to organizations that put together the new stories for them the NIH on its website and most government agencies now on their websites have prepackaged stories put together the industry does the same thing the pharmaceutical industry puts together stories for the industry to run so that any of the networks can pick up a story on Immunization that’s been put together the by the people who have a specific opinion and reporters are simply being lazy they’re not doing their job they’re they’re taking for granted that somebody from the government is being honest with them and how many times have we seen somebody from the government have an opinion or a position that turned out to be wrong


thirty years ago I was involved in a serious investigation of vaccines and I called various media people including the New York Times with evidence that there was a serious vaccine regulation problem in the United States and the guy from the New York Times said I’ve looked into my files and I don’t see any story saying there’s a serious regulatory problem so as far as I’m concerned there’s no serious regulatory problem we kept working away and we had a lot of help from people inside the government and ended up with hearings by Senator Ribicoff that caused the agency at NIH that regulated vaccines to be closed down cause the Attorney General to rule that he had been violating the Food and Drug law for the past 30 years that was 30 years ago caused a situation in which it was it laid the groundwork for proving that the swine flu vaccine was in fact unsafe ineffective and in my opinion a fraud all of that was done in spite of the fact that the press systematically said we don’t see any problem in vaccines the very thing they’re saying now


Unfortunately what happens is pediatricians and and family Doc’s hear the literature and take it as gospel and then start reporting to parents all over the place that indeed there are no worries about the relationship between the development of autism and the administration of vaccines but the Doc’saren’t looking at the studies and unfortunately what happens in our society is if there’s a select group that makes something a truth and enough people hear about it then a lot of people are going to believe that it’s true without actually investigating for themselves the argument that these ideas about vaccines are based on science is actually not a sound argument most of the research that’s done on vaccines isn’t paid for by people who are either manufacturing or selling vaccines these people are biased in what they do all of the safety studies done on vaccines are done by the companies that manufacture the vaccines the approval of the safety and the approval of the administration of these vaccines is most often done by the employees of the vaccine manufacturers as well this is a huge conflict of interest if we want to understand whether these vaccines are safe we need to have independent researchers looking at thesestudies and doing them without the financial and and the medical interests that are influencing the decision-making the American Academy of Pediatrics is the union of pediatricians and one of the things I think you learn about unions is that their job is to advocate for the livelihood of their members and


this whole process is designed specifically to make a market for vaccines and behind it all is Merck sharpened dome as one of the major of forces Merck now who’s gotten hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to create vaccine production distribution and collect billions of dollars in selling those products no one who works for a company should be allowed to be on those committees no one who works for an agency that distributes those vaccines should be allowed to be on those committees and when the federal agencies are there they should be counterbalanced by people who are in fact seriously concerned about vaccine safety people who are elected to office who are selected committees are often given donations for their campaigns are often given salaries by the companies that have a vested interest in policies and legislation being passed that mandates vaccines to our children the public doesn’t want to believe this but we need to because there is a conflict of interest because many of the many of the legislators and many of the scientists who are operating supposedly in our best interest are being given money either in campaigns or in salaries to support the continuation of the vaccine program we had a lot of conversation at the committee level with doctors who were doing research in a vaccine injury everyone who came before our committee and testified in a public forum lost their NIH funding many of them had to you know change academic institutions and their funding dried up that’s that’s an important conversation that really has not taken place in the public yet so what you see in the face of good science and rigorous research and courageous people is that you know the right kind of scientific behavior i punished and by contrast the people that are out there feeding the propaganda machine with sloppily designed studies that exonerate mercury that exonerate vaccines that exonerate the fact that there’s even an epidemic the people that do that work I can tell you that’s horrible work it’s poorly designed it’s sloppy many of them would fall apart on even the flimsiest inspection those kinds of people get more grants they get promotions they get invited to conferences they get rewarded for doing the wrong thing.


the increasing concern about ethylmercury led to the removal of thimerosal from most childhood vaccines in 1999 to 2001 however these vaccines still contain trace amounts of thimerosal which is stated on the CDC’s own website when they say there are only trace amounts of mercury most people don’t know that those trace amounts are above toxic levels for drinking water we’ve introduced the routine use of mercury containing influenza vaccines to young children in the first year of life two shots and we recommend it for all pregnant womenthat’s an amazing recommendation I don’t recommend flu shots with or without them aerosol because I’m from the OBGYN world we tell our pregnant women we’re not sure anything is safe let’s do nothing and yet there they give them influenza shots you know I’ve done forty thousand women I take history on that I’ve done amniocentesis and counseling office women very rarely get influenced I mean occasionally but very rarely we tell them not to take a aspirin they can help but they’re going to give them influenza which if you look up in the PDR the physicians Desk Reference is a Class C drug that means its safety has never been tested forget about the mercury never been tested in pregnancy we’re recommending it for all pregnant women this is beyond belief


the members this legislator were told if you stop mandatory back scene you’re going to see epidemics like measles come back again really did you actually do your homework well I did hear the actual government statistics from 1838 to when the vaccines were implemented in 1967


guess what we had better sanitation we had cleaner water we were pasteurizing milk we had public health measures and by the time the vaccines was introduced

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