The media loves to label anyone who questions vaccines as anti-vaxxers, but even pro-vaxxers demand answers to reports of injury and death from vaccines. It´s not just the the tin-foil hat brigade who question it. Many experts also report on the dangers of vaccines, but you won´t hear them on the mainstream media, as their point of view doesn´t fit the story they are trying to sell. 

Covid Vaccines

Vaccine Injury

Vaccines Deaths

Vaccine Documentaries

Scientists Connect Brain Cells to Machines Over the Internet
El actor Juan Pablo Medina, conocido por La Casa de las Flores, se encuentra fuera de peligro tras sufrir una trombosis
COVID-19 in Iceland: Vaccination Has Not Led to Herd Immunity, Says Chief Epidemiologist

Doctors and Scientists Discuss Vaccines

Professor Jay Bhattacharya against masks and vaccine passports.
Pro-Vaccination Expert Says Mass Vaccination will Breed Dangerous Variants

Vaccine Research

Why do people question vaccine safety?
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